Response to recent storms in Oklahoma

© Greg Vote/VStock/Getty Images. Models for illustrative purpose.

© Greg Vote/VStock/Getty Images. Models for illustrative purpose.

Thank you all for your prayerful support during the recent storms. While our prayers and assistance continue during this period, please be aware that The Mother Church has the following web page available for branch churches and members who might be in need of additional assistance at this time. This web page also includes resources for further study and prayer: 

If you know or hear of members who might benefit from support of this nature, please let them know of this web page and/or the contents therein if they don't have access to the Internet right now.

From this week's Bible Lesson (May 20-26, 2019) in the Christian Science Quarterly: "I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved." - Psalm 16:8.

For any other questions, please be in touch with The Mother Church’s Customer Contact Center at +1 617-450-2000 or

Thank you again for your ongoing support.